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Does a Property Need to have Appliances?

Credit: Michelle Meiklejohn
Habitable Condition:  Property must be in a condition that is immediately habitable and must contain:

• At least one fully functional bathroom (i.e., shower/tub, toilet, and hand sink).

• Other bathroom(s), if not functional, must be escrowed for repair.

• A fully functional kitchen with appropriate appliances (i.e., sink, cabinets, utilities to support a stove and refrigerator).

• Stove and refrigerator do not need to be present if they are not a built-in, as non-built in appliances are considered personal property. Comparables without appliances are not required.

• If stove and oven are built-in, they must be functional, or the space must be reconfigured to allow for appliance.
• Utilities (gas and/or electricity) and plumbing must be functional. If not available for testing, due to "winterization"


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